“This is Not Your Day to Die” / Spiritual Meditations

God speaks to us in many ways. Some are easily accessible, such as reading the Bible.  Others can take years to develop, as in the meditation practices, although that can produce a more direct communication with God.  God my speak to us in an audible voice like Tim heard in God’s Voice Told Me to Help. And sometimes God speaks into our mind to address our immediate needs as in the following experience recounted by my friend, Dawn.

It was a sunny breezy day in California which is not unusual in San Diego.  I was at a conference with several co-workers when we decided that it would be fun to go kayaking along the Pacific shoreline to get a different perspective of the area, possibly get a closer look at the sea lions sunning on the rocks.  We had a guide who pointed out the highlights along the bluffs including where Dr. Suess used to live.  

 The waves were a little higher than usual, but our guide thought it was still safe to explore a cave that was cut out of the side of the bluffs.  We would have to do it individually because it wasn’t a big cave so our guide gave us some coaching tips before entering. 

When I rowed into the cave a big wave followed me in and placed me and my kayak on top of a rock.  I sat on top of that rock through several wave cycles thinking that since the surge put me up there one would come along and help me get off it.  I waited and waited and that didn’t appear to be what was going to happen.  So, when the tide came in again, I used my paddle to push myself off the side of the cave just enough to hopefully drift off the rock. 

That did not work quite the way I had expected because it flipped the kayak and tossed me in the water with the kayak on top of me.  While I was under water the kayak floated out of the cave without me.  I remembered popping up again out of the water just long enough to see if there was some place in the cave that I could swim to until helped arrived.  But as the waves pushed me down in the water again and everything went black, I prayed to God asking Him if I was going to die today. At that point, I briefly felt as if I was inside a tube, kind of like those used at drive-up windows at banks, and God distinctly said, “No, not today!” A wave then came in, lifting me up and carrying me out of the cave.  My companions had quickly flipped my kayak over and the guide was on his way to help me. 

I praised and thanked God!  The experience showed me God’s grace and the love He has for me and that He is always with me!  ~ Dawn

Several other people have told me of experiences when God spoke to them, either audibly or to their minds.  In some cases, this communication saved lives. I share some of these with you in the following post:

Your Inner Being Could Save Your Life

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Relevant Scripture

Some time later, the Lord spoke to Abram in a vision and said to him, “Do not be afraid, Abram, for I will protect you, and your reward will be great.” (Genesis 15:1)

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